Why is My Ninja Blender Blinking Red? Find Out Here

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If you are on this article, then, it is safe to assume that you have a Ninja blender and all is not perfect with it. There are quite a number of things that could go wrong with your Ninja blender. However, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on issues of your Ninja blender blinking red.

If your Ninja blender is blinking red, you can be certain you are on the right page. Furthermore, you are not alone, lots of other people deal with this challenge. That’s not all. There is a solution for it. So, you can be certain your bender will not always be bad.

Contained in this article are some of the reasons your Ninja blender could be blinking red, as well as some solutions to this issue.

Why Would A Ninja Blender Blink Red?

The Ninja blender comes with quite a number of safety features and for it to function at its optimum, all its safety features have to function. If its safety features do not play the roles they were designed to play, then, things could go wrong.

When your Ninja blender blinks red, you can be certain that some of its safety features are deactivated. Simply put, the red light you see blinking when your Ninja blender is on is a warning sign for you to activate all of its safety features.

If all the parts of this blender are not set up in the right order, then, based on the design of this blender it should not function. This way, accidents in the kitchen can be prevented.

In as much as a Ninja blender will blink red when its safety features are not activated, there are specific reasons why your Ninja blender could be blinking red. Some of these reasons are:


1. The Top is not Properly Locked

Every Ninja blender comes with a pitcher that features a lock handle on its lid. This lock handle has to be totally depressed so the cover can be secured. When this is done, the safety associated with the power system is released.

2. Misaligned Lid

Your Ninja blender will blink red when its lid is not properly aligned. Every Ninja blender has two arrows that need to be in sync before it can work. One of these arrows is on its jar while the other is on its lid. If these arrows do not meet you can be certain that the blender is not properly closed and could lead to a domestic accident.

3. Wrongly Installed Pitcher

When installing your Ninja blender’s pitcher, you must make sure the handle is facing a forward position. Additionally, it has to be properly locked. If this is not done, then, the blender is not in a very safe state and red will keep blinking.

Fixing issues of Blinking Red Light on a Ninja Blender.

It is one thing to know the various reasons why your Ninja blender might be blinking red and another to know the exact reason it has a red light blinking. Well, regardless of the exact reason your Ninja lender is blinking red light, you should not just stop at knowing the exact reason your Ninja blender is blinking red. You should go on to know how to fix this issue.

One step you must take when looking to fix issues of your Ninja blender blinking red light is to ensure that its pitcher is properly oriented. Furthermore, take a look at its cover to ensure that the arrows on the jar, as well as the arrow on the cover, meet perfectly. With this, you can be certain that is locking lever is perfectly engaged.

After taking the above steps, if your Ninja blender keeps showing red, you might have to hand it over to a professional to check it out. In as much as giving any professional might help in fixing it, it is best you get in touch with Ninja Customer Service and submit a complaint.

Do Ninja Blenders Come with a Reset Button?

It really might seem like there is no relationship between the existence of a reset button on a Ninja blender and the presence of a blinking red light. Well, the fact is when your Ninja blender begins blinking red you will need to come up with a way to stop it from working temporarily and several people might opt for a reset button. Unfortunately, a Ninja blender does not come with a reset button. Although a Ninja blender does not feature a reset button, you can always make use of a thermal switch is tripping it as soon as the blender starts overheating.

Although you can use a thermal switch to trip off your blender when it gets overheated, there are times it actually shuts down by itself when it overheats.  If your blender shuts down on its own accord. You should not turn it on immediately. What you need to do is let it get cool for about a quarter an hour. After this, you can plug it back in and continue with work.

What Issues Could Make My Ninja Blender Stop Working

The presence of a blinking red light on your Ninja blender can be said to be a major issue. However, it is not the only issue you might face if you own a Ninja blender. There are times that your Ninja blender might stop working totally. Although no one really looks out for issues that will make their Ninja blender stop working completely, there are times it could actually stop functioning totally. This there is a chance of this happening. So, it is best you know the likely reasons for this.

Abnormally Assembled Component

If your Ninja blender has some components that are not assembled in the right way, you can be certain it will be unable to run. Also, if some of its parts are missing, running will be a major issue.

To ensure your blender runs when you are ready to use it, you will have to follow the written instructions and illustrations that come with this blender so you do not make any mistakes while assembling its parts.


Every Ninja blender possesses an internal thermal switch that was designed to shut it down in case there is a situation of overheating. So, if your blender refuses to run, you just might be dealing with overheating.

Issues of Ninja Blender Turning On but Not Blending

If you own a Ninja blender, you might have to deal with situations in which it does not turn on. Nonetheless, there are times it turns on and everything seems perfect, however, it does not blend. This is a situation that could get you confused if you have not spent a lot of time using this blender. Although this situation might seem confusing, it really is not as complex as it might seem.

If your Ninja blender comes on but is unable to do any blending, then, there is a likelihood that it is too full and you might just have to take out some of its content. 

The average Ninja bender comes with a lot of power. However, if it is extremely loaded, it will be unable to function.

After taking out some of its contents but it still refuses to work, you might simply need to add some water. This is because extremely thick mixtures might make it difficult for your blender’s blade to move.

That’s not all. The tips already stated above should help your blender work if you deal with a bit of struggle. However, there are times they just might not work. If your blender comes on but fails to work after you have taken out some of its content and even added some water, something just might be trapped under the blade. The presence of trapped bits of food under your Ninja blender’s blade might stop it from actually working.


Beyond the content of this article, there is a lot more the average person can know about the Ninja blender. However, the information contained in this article can help you conveniently deal with a Ninja blender that is blinking red.

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