Why does My Blender Smell? Find Out Here

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A blender is a kitchen utensil as much as it is a machine. Although when a lot of people think of a blender, all they see is an appliance that helps in making cooking easier, there is more to a blender. A blender is a machine. So, like other machines, there are times it is not always in perfect condition. 

There are periods your blender might emit an odour. This odour can be caused by two major reasons. One of them is dirt, the other is more mechanical related. An odor emanating from dirt is very unlikely as the average person is expected to keep their blender in a clean state. Also, the chances that lots of people will leave their blender unkempt until it develops an offensive odor is very unlikely. What this implies is that your blender will most likely give out a smell when there is an issue with any of its parts.

The blender is made of several parts and one of the parts that could lead to smell developing is its motor, its seals, its couplers, and its blades.

That being said, let’s find out how an issue with any of a blender’s parts could cause the blender to smell.


All blenders come with couplers and these couplers have various shapes. Also, they are made of different materials. While the couplers are not expected to fail, sometimes if a blade becomes overloaded, they fail. With the overloading of blades, couplers can get melted. This is followed by them getting hardened. This, however, only happens when they are made from plastic. When plastic couplers melt, they tend to give off a burning smell.

If your coupler begins giving out a burning smell, you will need to unplug your blender and change the coupler.


When a blender is used very frequently, it is only a matter of time before its brushes get worn out. When overused, the brushes that come with blenders tend to park up. This occurrence causes a burning smell. It also gives out smoke.

If you have no idea how blenders work, you might not know the use of brushes. However, carbon brushes in blenders come in handy in helping the amateur have access to electricity. When they are out, they are no longer able to have contact with the amateur.


Blender seals play a major role in a blender’s motor. They might not seem significant. However, they actually are of major significance. During use, the seal could get cracked. When this happens, the liquid is able to find its way to the motor.  If left unchecked over a period, the motor could get spoilt.

When the seal in your blender gets torn, you will not need to worry about the motor being affected as torn seals give out a burning smell. When you notice this smell, you will need to put off your blender, get it disconnected from electricity and check out what is wrong with it.


The motor of a blender is its powerhouse. While there could be failures in the motor, sometimes, these failures are only secondary in the motor. When there is a fault in other parts of your blender, the motor also gets affected. One way to tell that something is wrong with your blender’s motor or other parts of the blender is an electrical smell coming from the blender.


The blades that come with blenders might never get spoilt. However, there are times they get stuck.  When they get stuck and are noticed on time, they can be replaced. On the other hand, after getting stuck and staying unnoticed for a while, the motor will have no choice but to keep working harder. Due to overworking, it could overheat and might begin giving out a smell.

The blades in a blender do not need to get stuck before having a negative effect on the motor. When they are used in blending hard foods and ice very frequently, they end up getting dull and will become very inefficient. The inefficacy of a blender’s blade will cause the motor to work harder than it was designed to. This could lead to a smell because of the burnt-out motor.

Blending for a Long Time at a Go

There are various types of blenders and these different blenders were designed to work in different ways. Some blenders can be used in blending for a long time without anything going wrong.  On the other hand, there are blenders that were designed to be used in blending for a short time before being allowed to rest. With these blenders, you are not supposed to turn in everything you are looking to blend and leave the blender working for a long time.

If you blend for a long time with a blender that was designed to be used only for straight one minute, there is a likelihood that it will begin to smell.

While it might be difficult to know the blender that you can use for a long time and the one that was designed to only work for a short time, checking out a blender’s manual before using it will o a long way in helping you know how a blender was designed to be used.

The Absence of Adequate liquid

The many blenders in the market do not have the same power in their motors. Some blenders feature very powerful motors that help them blend any ingredient without the addition of water. Now, the fact that some blenders can blend any ingredient without water being added to the blender does not mean that all blenders can work this way. Some blenders were designed to work with some help from water. These blenders do not have very strong motors. So, if you decide to make use of a blender that does not have a strong motor in blending, you will need to pour some water into it. If you fail to do so, you will end up overworking this motor and this will make it give out a smell.


If you own a blender, you have to realize that it is a complex piece of machine and you need to understand exactly how it was designed to work if you want to keep it in a good working condition.

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