Important Things to Note on Parts of Oster Blender

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If you want to enjoy your Oster blender to the maximum, you should know all the parts and understand which is replaceable and which is not. Let us talk walk-through.

It is no news that Oster blenders are among the leading kitchen appliances in the market today. For years, the reputable brand has maintained a higher position in producing top-notch kitchen appliances that help in simplifying food preparation.

If you have ever used an Oster blender, a perfect Oster model, you will agree with me that the blender is all about quality, durability, and superior performance.

I also discovered that some users of Oster blenders face some challenges when using their blenders due to a lack of knowledge about what the blender is made for, its features, and its limitations.

I have dedicated this comprehensive post to explaining every nook and cranny of an Oster blender and how to utilize them to get the best result while enjoying your long-lasting Oster blender model.

In this article, we shall be looking into the parts of an Oster blender and where to purchase these parts in cases of repairs or replacement.

While Oster blenders are valued by their users due to their affordability, incredible versatility, and durability, most users go-ahead to throw the blender away or replace it with a new one whenever a slight fault is noticed in the blender.

Only if they knew the parts of an Oster blender, where to buy it, and how it can be fixed or replaced.

Indeed, an Osterizer is a perfect choice for your kitchen needs, but it is another thing to know how it works. People who are impressed with the way Oster blender work probably have less idea of how it is done.

What parts of your Oster blender are responsible for the blending process? What makes them significant as part of the blender?

What part of your Oster blender needs to be disassembled when the appliance develops fault…these are some of the things you will be exposed to in this post.

Your Oster blender’s essential components are responsible for chopping nuts, pureeing peas, and scrambling eggs. It is necessary to know about these parts so that you will be able to make the right decision in choosing the right Oster blender and also be able to identify faults when they surface quickly.

Knowing the parts of your Oster blender will also enable you to easily purchase components for repair and replacement whenever there is troubleshooting or if the blender is malfunctioning.

A complete list of Oster blender parts and where to buy them

It is time to discover the quality components and pieces that make up your super Oster blender that works like magic.

While it is a simple-looking blender, there are many components that make the blender work perfectly well. In other words, your Oster blender is likely not to work efficiently without any of these parts.

I have included the best place to get these parts with these standard blender parts and their uses.

Oster Blender Jar

One visible component of your Oster blender is the blender jar. It is impossible to use a blender without having the jar fixed in place. It is a bowl structure where the food ingredients are tossed into for blending.

The Oster blender jar is designed to sturdily sit and keys into the top of the main base, which houses the motor and blade assembly.

We have three materials Oster uses to make their blender jar which include Glass, Plastic and stainless steel. Ideal Oster blenders of the latest model are made with shatterproof glass with inner measurement markings.

Recommended Oster blender jar – Oster BLSTAJ-CB Blender 6-Cup Glass Jar

Parts of Oster Blender


When you have a destroyed blender jar, you don’t need to replace the whole blender when you can simply buy this durable, 6-cup, dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant Oster blender jar.

It is really a perfect replacement for whatever blender jar you were using for the Oster blender. I also love the fact that this blender jar can sit on almost any Oster blender model be it glass or plastic.

In addition to the shatterproof glass feature, the blender jar has measure levels markings on the body to help you use appropriate food measurement.

It also features a detachable cap that helps for easy measurement of items. It is time to give your Oster blender a new look by replacing that old blender jar with this new durable Oster glass blender jar.

Has your broken jar kept you away from blending? Have you been trying to save up to get a new blender, there is no need, simply purchase this replacement jar that comes with one 6-cup glass jar, 1 lid, and 1 filler cap.

Reasons to buy this Oster replacement glass blender jar

  • Enjoy the 3-piece blender jar refresher kit that offers additional jar you need for replacement or blending large amount food items
  • Features a Boroclass glass jar that is dishwasher-safe, scratch-resistant and anti thermal shock
  • The filter cap is removable which enhance convenience for measuring and filling
  • It is cost-effective and will fit into almost every Oster blender model
  • Opportunity to replace the countertop of your Oster blender and not the whole machine
  • Apart from Oster blenders, this glass jar will sit and lock on other models such as Heritage Blend, Classic Series, and Reverse Crush.


  • Fits into most Oster blenders
  • Gives your old Oster blender a new look
  • Features one 6-cup glass jar, 1 lid, and 1 filler cap
  • Durable glass feature

Blender Jar Lid

You don’t want your food items to escape the blender jar when you are blending. The main purpose of the Oster blender jar lid is to cover the top of the blender jar to avoid this.

Some Oster blenders come with a glass blender jar lid while others are made with plastic material. Whatever the material may be, they are usually made with a rubbers stopper that serves as a tight seal.

Oster 4903 Black Square Jar Lid and Center Cap for Oster Blenders

Parts of Oster Blender


This excellent Black lid for blender jar and centre cap will fit all Oster blenders and Kitchen Centers using a 5 cup square top jar in addition, it also fits all Oster 5 cup jars with a square top. It is considered as the most common blender jar lid of Oster that covers all types.


  • Fits all Oster 5 cup jars with a square top
  • Black lid and centre cap. 4″ diameter
  • Fit all Oster blenders and Kitchen Centers using a 5 cup square top jar
  • Most common Oster lid type

Jar Lid Center Cap

If you pick up your Oster blender, you will see a small plastic thing in the centre of the blender jar lid. It is called the jar lid centre cap and it allows you to add ingredients even when blending, in addition, this component helps to keep liquids in.

Oster BLSTAK-B00-NP0 6-Piece Blender Replacement Kit

Parts of Oster Blender


This is a handy Oster blender accessory kit that can replace your jar lid centre cap. The product includes lid bottom cap, blade, sealing rings and a 6 piece set.


  • Stainless Steel “ice crusher” blade
  • Black oval blender jar lid
  • Filler cap that doubles as a 2 oz. measuring cup
  • Black bottom cap
  • 2 sealing rings

Blender Blade Cutter

One of the most important parts of your Oster blender is the cutting blade. It is made with durable stainless steel materials that are strong enough to crush, stir, puree and blend any food item you put into the jar.

Oster blender blades are usually made with two pieces of metal that form a cross with each end bent at an angle. Each of the single blades, forming a cross now, are angled up at one end and angled down on the other end.

The blade rotation is powered by the motor which will allow the blade to push food items upward and downward when you hit the button to give a consistent blend or crushing.

There is a screw that hooks the blade with the motor of the blender such that the blade doesn’t move out of place.

If you want to replace your Oster blender cutting blades, it is important to make the right decision. By choosing a quality one such as this Fusion Blender Blade Cutter with Gasket for Oster, you will enjoy your refreshed blender.

Fusion Blender Blade Cutter with Gasket for Oster 

Parts of Oster Blender


This is the perfect cutting blade replacement for your Oster blender as it is durable and sharp enough to make smooth smoothies, blend all kinds of vegetables and also replace blades for ice crushing.

If you have a dull 4 blade assembly working in your Oster blender, then it is time to choose this Fusion Blender Blade Cutter with Gasket for Oster as it is a quality blender that will fit into, not only Oster blenders but almost any other blender out there.

Special features of this blender cutting blades accessory

  • 6 stainless steel blades make better smoothies and cut food more thoroughly
  • Designed to chop fruits and veggies with ease
  • Durable rubber gasket included

Oster blender O-Ring Seal

The O ring seal, as the name implies, serves as a seal that prevents food particles and moisture from reaching inside of the motor as this may cause serious damage to the blender.

The O ring seal is a flat piece of rubber that is placed between the blender jar and the cutting blade.

Univen Blender O-ring Gasket Seal

Parts of Oster Blender


Considered as the best seal for heavy-duty blenders, this Univen flat rubber o-ring seal for Oster blenders is a usual replacement part that is fixed between the top of the blade and the bottom of the jar.

It is an O ring seal for Oster heavy-duty blenders that prevents liquid or moisture from reaching into the blender engine.

The seal is non-toxic and is made of food-safe EPDM rubber. It is an ideal replacement accessory because it is even stronger than the original seal that comes with your blender.

Reasons to buy this Oster O ring seal

  • The seal is excellent for heavy-duty, food service or laboratory use.
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-toxic Food Grade EPDM Rubber
    1.95″ Inside Diameter x 2.59″ Outside Diameter

Bottom Screw Cap

Without the bottom screw cap in your Oster blender, it is impossible for the blender to perform properly as it should. It is the component of the blender that holds the blender cutting blade such that it remains in place while cutting through vegetables or other food items.

Thanks to this part of the blender because without it, your blade will simply fly off the bowl because there is nothing holding it. This piece in a blender is usually made with moulded plastic

Oster Threaded Bottom Cap Fits All Osterizer Blender

Parts of Oster Blender


Like I have mentioned, there is no point throwing away your newly acquired Oster blender simply because one major piece has gone bad when you can replace them with even a better one.

This Oster bottom cap will work for almost all Oster models as it simply attaches the blade assembly to the jar. It is a sturdy black cap ideal for your blender.

You may need an expert to fix this new piece for you or you can simply follow the manual.


  • Fits all Osterizer Blenders & Kitchen centres, Mini Blender Blend N Store
  • Made of Plastic blender jar material
  • Applicable for Oster Blenders
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Color Blackcap

Blender Rubber Drive Clutch

The blender rubber drive clutch of your Oster blender rests on the top of the lid and is made with rubber. It is as well fixed underneath the blade assembly.

Blender Coupling Blade Motor Drive Gear Clutch for Oster

Parts of Oster Blender


This superb Blender Coupling Blade Motor Drive Gear Clutch for Oster is designed with strict quality control standards to Build and test.

It may not be the original rubber driver clutch for your blender but it serves as a very good replacement as it is made by Premium Quality food grade rubber and superior toughness.

It is easy to clean and install as it serves as a perfect replacement for your juicer or blender original drive clutch. This quality piece will fit into your glass and plastic Oster jars.

But be aware that it is not suitable for Wave-Action models. In addition to Oster models, these replacement parts also work well with Hamilton beach blenders. In this way, you save money from buying a new blender.

Supported with a One-year Warranty, you get to save more money as it is a really affordable Blade Motor Drive Gear Clutch for Oster.


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Finally and most importantly is the motor of your Oster blender. The motor is the power engine of the blender and is hidden in the base of the blender.

While it is small and basic, the motor is actually what powers your blender in doing the whole magic of blending in seconds.

This integral part of the blender causes a small vertical coupler shaft to spin at a high speed.

The motor is meant to be air-cooled so they don’t burn out. To this effect, most Oster blenders fix a really small fan attached to them in order to keep cool air flowing over the motor components.

This is really important for heavy-duty Oster blenders as they will be used sustainably. While you could overheat the motor by using it continuously, you want to choose Oster blenders with powerful motors to avoid overheating.

Basic Oster blenders having a 450-watt motor is good enough for household use. But for heavy-duty or multitask blending, you need to focus on an Oster blender that features 750-watt motors and above.

Motors in blenders are supposed to last for years. If you invest in an Oster blender with powerful motors, you may not have any reason to change or replace the motor.

Quite frankly, you should buy a new blender once the motor of your blender is faulty because it is more cost-effective than trying to buy a new blender.

What Makes Oster Blenders So Good?

Oster Blender Parts Diagram,  Oster blender replacement jar,  Oster Pro 1200 blender parts,  How to find Oster Blender model number,  Oster blender Gasket,  Oster blender parts Amazon,  Oster Blender blades,  Oster Blender Motor, 

You might have pondered about the hype given to Oster blender and why they are so good. The short answer Oster Blenders are equipped with quality parts that are durable and they also come in a wide range of affordable options.

Oster blender also features all-metal motors and blade drive. Unlike some other basic blender, speed and power are incredible.

Oster also manufactures durable blenders that could crush ice and pulverize fruits or vegetables for smoothies, sauces and frozen drinks.

People also commend Oster blender for their reversible disc function features. With this feature, you can have a consistent blend of any food items as the blade will push upwards and downwards unprocessed food for even blend and result.

The blades of Oster blender are designed to chop, mix, crush and puree ingredients in seconds. This also applies to their replacement blades.

There are many factors that make Oster blender really superior and let’s look into some of them.


It is very convenient to use Oster blenders. They are designed with easy to use buttons and controls. In addition, they feature a stainless steel component that makes the blender easy to clean and maintain.

Most Oster blenders feature dishwasher-safe components.

Extra accessories

Oster blenders are known to feature a combination of both food processors and mixers or juicer. This makes their bender handy, versatile and efficient.

They come with different attachments for various food processing and blending. All you have to do is to fix the attachment to the base.

Several blender options

Oster also offers a wide range of options when it comes to choosing a quality blender. They offer ones that are ideal for household use as well as heavy-duty blenders for restaurants.

Powerful blenders

When you think of a brand that offers really powerful blenders, then Oster should come to the mind. They offer blenders that fit any of your blending needs in the kitchen.

Reversible Disc Function

Another interesting feature of modern Oster Blenders is the reversible disc function. This helps greatly in producing well-blended ingredients as the reversible function allows the blade to throw up ingredients upward and downward while blending

The ingredients that are unprocessed or hidden underneath the blades will then be adequately processed or crushed.

Very Efficient

No doubts, Oster blenders are really efficient. Most models are powerful enough to crush ice and other hard food items.

You can use an Oster blender to grind seeds sprouting grains and nuts.


Most Reviewers who have used any blenders made from Oster usually commend the durability or their blender. Oster blenders are recommended for those who are newly exposed to blending with electric appliances.

For so many years, Oster has sustained its reputation in manufacturing quality blenders that are durable


Above all, people choose blenders that are powerful and affordable. This is Oster. Their blenders are cost-effective even when it comes to their newest models.

You can’t buy a great performing blender for a cheap price but Oster goes against the odds. It is a good blender that offers efficient blenders for those who are on a low budget.

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