Best Oster Blenders For Smoothies – Detailed Review

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For some seasoned blender users, getting great blenders should be your priority. Getting an Oster blender for making smoothies should be on your mind. So what are your options when it comes to choosing the best Oster blenders for smoothies?

Oster 1400 Watts Versa Blender is considered the best Oster blender for smoothies because it explores high-speed Power, precision, and proven performance when blending whole fruits, vegetables, and more into healthy smoothies. It comes with a powerful 1400W motor, 64-Ounce BPA-free Tritan jar; the featured Three programmed settings recommended for smoothies, dips/spreads, and Soup.

Asides from this, other blenders have been specially designed to meet your smoothie-making needs. Some are even considered more powerful than the regular smoothie makers.

If you want to use a blender for making a smoothie, you need to go for the ones made for such a purpose. And maybe other added functions. In this post, you will find many options for the best poster smoothie blender to buy.

We have handpicked the Oster blender brand because they manufacture the majority of the blenders that work well to make a smoothie and dips.

If you are going to do the research yourself, choosing the right blenders for a smoothie may be tough. Modern ones are made with several attachments that may seem complex to use.

So you might want to go for a high-end blender that is easy to use and clean.

You really don’t have to break the bank to buy one appliance for making a smoothie. And even if you choose to do, you need one that is worth the penny. That is, it should be able to serve many functions.

This article will take you through a list of the best blenders you use in making smoothies made by Oster.

Quick Recommendation for the best Oster Blenders for Smoothies

ProductImageWhere to buy
Oster Versa BlenderCHECK PRICE
Oster Blender Pro 1200 CHECK PRICE
Oster Reverse Crush BlenderCHECK PRICE

A detailed review of the best Oster blenders for smoothies

Oster 1400 Watts Versa Blender


About product

With this impressive Oster Versa Pro Series Blender, you can easily blend whole fruits, vegetables, and more into healthy smoothies.

It is one interesting blender that reduces the stress involved in making nutritious dishes for optimal nutrition.

The blender features a powerful 1400-watt motor and 250 MPH blade speed enough to blend food into your preferred consistency and freshest taste.

Reasons to buy

If you are looking for a smoothie blender with powerful performance, then this is your perfect option. We recommend this blender to those who want to make the most out of their ingredients while exploring high-speed Power, precision, and proven performance.

It would be best if you had this blender because it features easy to use blending options that ensure healthy smoothies from whole fruits, vegetables, and more.

Some of the details about this blender that make it what it seems now to include a Powerful 1400W motor, 64-Ounce BPA-free Tritan jar, the featured Three programmed settings recommended for smoothies, dips/spreads, and Soup.

All these are crowned with a variable speed dial to adjust speed as needed instantly


  • 1400-Watt Motor
  • 3 Programmed Settings
  • Tamper Included
  • 2 Recipe Books
  • Stainless-Steel Blade
  • BPA-Free Tritan Plastic Jar

Oster Blender Pro 1200


About product

Making perfect smoothies within a short period of time has never been easier with this famous Oster Pro 1200 Plus. It is a versatile Oster blender with a powerful motor that makes it perfect for home use and commercial use.

The impressive blending force is capable of smoothly and continuously creating the consistency you need.

The smart setting of the Oster pro-1200 has been programmed so that it can be conveniently controlled to get the perfect smoothie consistency and salsas and milkshakes in just one touch. It can be used to blend all kinds of food items.

Reasons to buy

It is tough to resist choosing this Oster Pro 1200 as it features all the components and specs you may be looking for in a blender.

The Smart settings technology and 7 speeds, including 3 pre-programmed settings, will help you greatly. We love how the blender is made with Dual direction blade technology that enhances extra blending power that will chop and grind with precision; this includes chopping hard food items.

An important requirement for blenders to make smoothies includes the ice crushing feature and this interesting blender is not lagging in that area.

The 1200 power watts and 900 watts of ice crushing power are all you need for making the perfect blender creations.

The product is also backed with a reasonable warranty. If you are looking for a good blender to take care of your smoothie making needs, this poster pro-1200 maybe your top pick as it also comes with an extra-large capacity 24 ounces smoothie cup.

Added to this is a Pulse feature for added control and precision


  • Pulse button option
  • extra large capacity 24 ounces smoothie cup
  • 3 pre-programmed settings
  • 1200 watts motor power

Oster Reverse Crush Blender


About product

Perfect blending mechanism for making smoothies and dips and sauces and more! This all in one blender is designed with seven different speed options and begins at 1000 watts then blends steadily at 600 watts.

It is a perfect blender for crushing, pulverizing, and extracting. Users claim that the blender delivers expert results and is recommended for both home and commercial use.

With this blender, you may perfect smoothies and also chope your vegetables finely.

Reasons to buy

We understand themes you may make while making a smoothie, so this impressive blender has been made with Boroclass glass blending jar that is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The glass bending jar is also shattered proof


  • 1000 power watts/ 600 blending watts.
  • 16 inches cord length
  • Pre-Programmed Smart Settings Technology
  • one-touch controls for expert results
    Dual Direction Blade Technology
  • stainless steel, 6-point blade in reverse to free jar of jam-ups.
  • BPA-Free plastic parts
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty
  • 7 Speeds from LOW to HIGH PULSE
  • 6-Cup Boroclass Glass Jar is dishwasher safe

White OSTER 6640 Blender


About product

This incredible Oster blender model is yet another ideal blender that is perfect for making smoothies and dips. It features a whopping 10-speed setting option just for you to get the perfect consistency.

While it is not loved by those, who want a blender that can crush ice as it has a 450w blender with an all-metal drive. The sleek, Sleek white shade looks stylish in modern kitchens and will attract many.

The blender jar is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean and use. It is also made with PowerBlend stainless steel blades that can be easily removed for easy cleaning.

Reasons to buy

One thinks we like about this blender is that the 6-cup plastic jar is break-resistant and dishwasher safe. These plastic cups are also PA free.

The 450-watt motor is strong enough for making a healthy smoothie as well as other basic blending jobs.

It measures Measures 7 by 11 by 13 inches and is made with quality materials built to last long.

Oster Beehive Blender


About product

Built to last long, this powerful Oster 4093-008 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender made with Brushed Stainless is an all in one power machine encompassed in a singular sleek machine.

We love how the machine is designed with a classic toggle switch that controls two speeds and a whopping 600 watts of power.

This is a very impressive blender for making your frozen drinks, dips, sauces, smoothies, soup, and even nuts. You can pull the 6 cup glass jar out of a steamy dishwasher as it has been thermal shock tested.

Reasons to buy

This is one sure blender that will deliver smooth results every other time. Made in North America, the Oster 4093-008 6-Cup Glass Jar 2-Speed Beehive Blender made with Brushed Stainless is very durable with a 1-year warranty.


  • 600 watts of ice crushing power
  • 2-speed toggle
  • 7-cup dishwasher-safe glass jar
  • Stainless steel Ice Crusher blade
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty for lasting durability

Oster Pro 1200 Blender


About product

This particular blender is considered one of the best when it comes to power, versatility, and simplicity. While the blender is extremely versatile, you will find it very easy to operate and handle.

With the 7 speed setting options of this blender, you will be offered plenty of blending options to get your preferred consistency.

It is designed with a dual-direction technology cutting blade and an 8-cup, BPA-free Tritan jar that is durable.

Reasons to buy

This Oster blender and food processor features 7 speeds, as well as 3 pre-programmed settings for you to make perfect smoothies and shake.

The pulse button allows you to have an excellent blending control for you to pulse appropriately.

It is equipped with extra blending power to chop and grind with precision, thanks to the 1200 power watts of ice crushing power.


  • 1200 power watts of ice crushing power
  • 7 speeds
  • Durable, safe, and clear plastic jar
  • Super-versatile and powerful

Oster Countertop Smoothie Mixer


About product

If you want to make perfect smoothies, and you are looking for the best blender that will not only serve such function but will also work for other blender creations, then you may want to consider choosing this Oster BLSTKH-CM0-000 Master Home Kitchen Countertop Smoothie Mixer and Ice Chopper Blender Designed with Brushed Nickel.

It has been specially made for smoothies, dips, soups, sauces, and more.

This popular Oster Master Sires 800 Blender may be what you need to get your everyday meals and snacks done easily without a mess.

Yes, it is a versatile blender that does the whole magic in making sure everything stays fresh and delicious. We should also note that the powerful motor, large blades, and 6-speed settings make the blender among the list of the most searched for blenders in most online stores.

The blade assembly has been designed such that it is 50-percent larger than that of traditional blenders.

You should expect three things from Oster BLSTKH-CM0-000 Master Home Kitchen Countertop Smoothie Mixer and Ice Chopper Blender Designed with Brushed Nickel include efficiency, power, and precision.

This blender may be all you need to defeat all the heavy-looking blending tasks before you as it is equipped with 800 power watts and 500 blending watts.

It is a blender recommended for making a smoothie as it comes with plenty of speed options with 6 settings, including pre-program and pulse.

We should also outline the 6-cup dishwasher-safe Boroclass glass jar that provides enough room for a large number of ingredients so that you don’t waste time blending just a batch of ingredients.

Reasons to buy

The durable and Versatile countertop blender is best for mixing up ingredients to make perfect smoothies, dips, soups, sauces, and more.

As mentioned earlier, it also features a 6-cup Boroclass glass jar coupled with a stainless steel blade, and a lid with a 2-ounce measuring cap to improve your bleeding experience.

Along with the 6-speed settings is the pulse button option for more efficiency, power, and precision. The 800 power watts/500 blending watts takes care of your blending needs.

If you take a closer look at the 2-ounce filler cap, you will see the built-in markings that make it convenient  for measuring ingredients


  • Best for making snacks, smoothies, and everyday meals
  • Includes 6 cup boro class glass jar
  • Powerful and efficient
  • Easy to use and clean
  • 35 inches cord length

Oster 6811 Blender


About product

This is not a regular or basic blender; even though it comes last on our list, it is definitely not the least. It is simple yet quality. It features a large capacity bowl that allows you to blend a large batch of food items without wasting time.

The 6 cup jar is dishwasher-safe and has been Thermal Shock tested, making it safe, durable, and effective.

Reasons to buy

The body part is made with quality stainless steel, so as the blender cutting blades that blend to deliver smooth frozen drinks every time.

The blender feature 12 speeds and 450 watts to offer a sharp performance in making perfect smoothies on your own. It is indeed a durable and longer-lasting blender that will function without dulling at any point in time.


  • 700 power watts/450 blending watts
  • Crush Pro 4 Blade uses stainless steel, 4-point design to pulverize and chop with precision
  • Oster 10 Year DURALAST All-Metal Drive Limited Warranty
  • 12 Speeds from PULSE to PUREE
  • 6-Cup Boroclass Glass Jar
  • Easy to clean
  • built-in markings in 2-ounce filler cap have

Do you need a special blender for making a smoothie?

Best Oster Blenders For Smoothies

The best blender ideal for making a smoothie is made with enough power to blend frozen fruits and even crush ice.

Not all blenders are ideally suitable for processing smoothies and that is why you need to know the features of the ideal ones as well as the features to look out for.

A blender powered with 600 watts of motor power is best for you if you intend to use the blender to make the smoothie more than once a week.

You must also make sure that such blender can blend ice because not all 600W blenders can. The best thing is to go for ones with higher wattage power.

The special thing about a blender that is good for making a smoothie is that it is usually made with manual settings that help precision.

It is not expensive to get a blender for making smoothies. But once you begin to consider buying one that will serve other purposes in the kitchen, then you are in for spending extra cash.

The Oster blender models we are about to show you are not just the best for making smoothies but also serve a multi-purpose function in your cooking area.

The good thing is that they are pretty much affordable. Without wasting much of your time, let’s dive into the full details of these amazing products.

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